Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

This is my first post for 2010! I'm pretty good huh? Normally it would take me like a month to remember to post on my lovely blog =)

So I have decided on my 365 Day challenge. I got my idea from the lovely Kelly Purkey. Check out her 365 Challenge last year. I'm going to take a picture every day this year (well try to at least). So far so good, I've got 5 pictures and today is the 5th. Awesome! I think for the end of the year I will make a digital book of all the pictures. I'm going to use a calendar template and in each day will be the photo. Or maybe I'll just make it a calendar, one I can't write on because each square will be full of a photo. Hummmm...

Here is a website you can go to to see my progress.

Anyone have any New Years Challenges?

Laura Mae

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