Scrapbook Stores in California

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This is a list of California Scrapbook Stores.

On this list you will find tons of stores that either specialize in just scrapbooking supplies or who carry scrapbooking supplies.

There is no priority on this list, it is purely alphabetical. We don't play favorites.

Some of the stores on this list have closed but we still keep them on the list so you can see if they are still there or not. Please contact us if you know of a store that is closed that is on this list and we will update it.

All the stores with a yellow star are stores that we've been to or may have a review from us on them.

Green Push Pin = Confirmed OPEN
Yellow Marker = Store closed but online store open
Red Push Pin = Confirmed CLOSED
Blue Marker = Not Confirmed

If you would like to be added to this list please contact us or leave a comment and we will add you!

Thanks and Happy Scrapping!View Scrapbook Stores in California in a larger map

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