Friday, September 3, 2010

A Photo A Day

I started taking a photo every single day back in January. On the 1st actually. I always wanted to do it and start on the 1st of Jan but always forgot. This year I remembered and have made it 242 days so far this year.

I've been working on revamping this blog and put in a page on the top of my 365. You can check it out and see my progress. I like being able to look back and see things that I did this year. Its fun. It is also a good way to help me remember things, something I'm not very good at.

You can also check out the website that I post my daily stories to.

I challenge you to start one. You can start anytime, you don't have to start on the 1st of Jan. Its fun, I like it. Plus it gives me an excuse to take a photo everyday, something I love doing anyways.

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