Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bakerella Book Signing!

Christy and I went to the Bakerella Book Signing yesterday at the William's Sonoma at the South Coast Plaza. The wait was about an hour and a half which wasn't too bad. Christy and Lisa had to leave early to go back to work so I kept their books for them and got them signed. Angie Dudley (aka Bakerella), was really sweet and I was super excited that I got to meet her!

The book, Cake Pops. It is beautiful. I love the way it is all laid out, all the spreads are so simple and gorgeous! Love it!

Waiting in line with our books, getting antsy. This is the end of the line. The front is all the way around the corner on the left hand side of this photo. Yikes!

And the wait pays off. Angie Dudley (aka Bakerella) and I. She was super cute and had suuuper cute pink shoes on! The display in the bakground was full of her books too it was cute.


  1. I love those pix!! I wish I could have met her. :)

  2. What the heck? Did everyone get to go but me???? Thanks to Christy for introducing me to Bakerella's blog. I absolutely love her and never miss a post of hers. I am so jealous. I had to work! :-(