Saturday, November 5, 2011

CMYK Banner in my Senior Studio Space

We finally got our senior spaces at LCAD. Now mind you don't go thinking they are the most luxurious things in the world but I am glad that we get them.
It really is so nice to just be able to walk over and finish working after a class instead of driving all the way home and by the time I get home and through talking with whoever is there and to my room to work, I'm so tired and wiped out I don't get anything done. So now I am way more productive that we have the studio spaces and the fact that sometimes other kids are there with me helps so I can get advice, etc. on projects.
The studio space isn't the prettiest thing in the world and this was my 1st step to decorating it up a bit, well my space at least. I made this CMYK banner, (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key Black), to hang above my computer space.

Layered CMYK pieces of paper cut into the shape of ribbons with an accordion fold circle in the center of each and a Kraft cardstock on top of that.

This is my sad little space. It is very much used and will be decorated much more in due time.

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