Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Framed Layouts

Its official, scrapbook pages look so much prettier when they are framed! Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby! I grabbed a handful of these simple black 12x12 frames for about $5/piece since they were on sale 50% off! Score!

I made a page for Kyle before I went out to Italy to give to him when I got out there. He loved it so much he told me he wanted to frame it. Why didn't I think of that?! I just thought he would push pin it to the wall or something. Then near the end of my stay out there he asked me if I would make some more for him of photos of us from my stay. Awww. Of course!! So I made these and bought some frames and the photos don't do them justice but I think pages look so much better framed!

So I had those shipped off to Italy for him with an empty 3rd frame for the one that I already gave him. But since I loved how they looked so much and I was getting ready to move to New York, I wanted some for myself too! So I whipped up these two to bring out with me to the big city.

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