Monday, September 14, 2009

Scrapfest here we come!

Watch out there be scrappin' about! This Saturday, Sept. 19th, I will be accompanied by my best scrappin gals, Gwen and Christy (aka. Scrappy) on another Scrapfest! I'm super excited!

All three of us are hardcore obsessed scrapbookers and its hard to get together often because of the distances between our homes but when we do, we turn it into a full blown scrapfest! For the definition of scrapfest check out Christy's blog.

So this weekend the store we will be gracing our amazing prescene is in Placentia, CA. We are scrapping at a store called The Scrappin' Table. I've never been to this store before but the website looks freaking cute! Be sure to check back for an updated Scrapbook Store list when I add my 2 cents about The Scrappin' Table.

Our Scrapfest will start early early early in the morning, the second the store opens. This is where Starbucks really makes money =). I plan on working on my Birthday trip to Las Vegas and finishing that Album! Ooooo what a goal. I can totally do it. I'll be sure to post up some layouts that I finished this weekend.

Check out LMC Studio's Twitter for updates during the Scrapfest day!

Laura Mae

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