Friday, September 18, 2009


Sad news in the scrappy world. As my post below this mentions, we had plans to go to The Scrappin' Table for an all day Scrapfest. The store is open from 10-6 on Saturdays and then on top of it they were having a Crop for $8 from 4 to Midnight so we were going to take advantage and be there allll day. Well sad news, they are deciding to cancel the night crop because they needed at least 8 people to show up and there were only going to be 4 of us. Bummer. So good ol' Scrappy got on it and called everywhere but everyone seems to be booked for tomorrow. Let me tell you making plans to go scrap on a Saturday night last minute is hard!

So now our plans have changed and instead of going to a store completely new to the three of us we are going to Timeless Treasures in RSM. Its the more expensive choice ($22 total for the whole day!) but we are obsessed scrapbookers and know it will be worth the price. There is another catch about TT. They might make us leave at 10pm instead of Midnight if they don't have enough people show up for the night crop, which is understandable because they need to make it worth their while too.

Needless to say we will be scrapping tomorrow no matter what! Check out LMC's Twitter for updates throughout the day because we will be posting!

p.s. LMC=Little Miss Creative, a business Christy and I started where we make albums for people. =)

Laura Mae

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  1. What a bummer! I was interested to see what you all had to say about the new place. Oh well. :-(