Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Scrappy Scrapfest!

I was super excited after the last time I scrapped with Christy and Gwen at Timeless Treasures that I couldn't wait to scrap again, I still haven't unpacked! Haha. Which is perfect for me because this weekend I'm going to be scrapping my little heart out again!

This weekend is the Ontario Scrapbook Expo. Christy, Gwen and I all went to the Del Mar Expo back in May so this will be a 2nd expo for me this year. I don't even want to tell you how many expo's the other girls went to this year! Goodness! I'm pretty sure this will be the last expo for this year since the next one is up in Sacramento, CA. But you never know, Christy and I did make a trip up there last fall to do some scrapping, that wasn't the whole reason for the trip but it added too it =).

So this weekend I will be at the Ontario Scrapbook Expo all day on Saturday, October 10th, 2009 with Christy and possibly Gwen. My weekend is going to start Friday after I get out of school (I go to LCAD by the way) around 4:00pm. I'll head up with Christy to her place in Rancho Cucamonga (far drive I know poor thing). The expo has a Friday night crop but we are going to the all day one on Saturday instead so Friday night we will be digi-scrapping on our computers. I'll be sure to post up the digi pages that I finish too. The expo floor opens at 8:00am and we will be there with coffee in one hand, scrap bags in the other. The expo ends at 11:30pm so we will be shopping and scrapping up until then.

I plan on working on my trip to San Diego for my 2 year Anniversary with Cory. I've been making a "Weekender" album and in it are events that were day trips and weekend trips. I needed a spot to put all the smaller trips so I started this album for 2008 and San Diego is the last event. I also still need to finish my July, August and September pages for my "A Year of Me 2009" album that I've been working on this year. I'm really behind in that A Year of You 2peas class. Not to mention the Digital pages I'll be working on as well on Friday. I have September '08 and October '08 to finish for the Celebrate the Seasons 2Peas Class. Lastly, have a ton of cards that I need to catch up on making. I have about 14 card designs that I want to make this weekend. So sounds like I'm going to be a busy girl! So my goal is set and last time I completed my goal and I hope to complete this one this weekend too. Wish me luck! Check out LMC's Twitter throughout the day for updates on our scrappy time!


Laura Mae


  1. OMG we are going to have the best time EVA!!!!! lol

    Can't wait to digi scrap too!!!! no clean up required. yay

  2. You guys need to let me know next time you have a scrap day like the Timeless Treasures day. I have so much to scrapbook and it is just hard to do here at home with all the cats! Plus it is more fun to do with friends. :-)