Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Good and The Bad

A catastrophic event just happened in my scrap corner.

So I have a box full of CM kits from when I used to be a consultant. All the kits were opened because I used to sell the sheets individually at crops and events. This box has a lid but of course with my luck the lid is no where to be found.

The story starts with me sitting here in my comfy chair, coffee in the cup holder next to me, computer on my lap, responding to emails from the weekend.

I have back problems so I end up moving around when I sit for long periods of time. So just as I'm moving to get into a more comfortable position, my elbow (damn that thing), smacks the bottom of my coffee cup and the next thing I know, coffee is everywhere. Yep you guessed it, everywhere means all over the box of CM papers. I spent the next hour cleaning each piece 1 by 1 with paper towels and baby wipes. Over $200 of kits now ruined.

I really always try to see the positive in things, sometimes when things like this happen it is really hard but here is what I've come up with.

The Bad:
• Coffee Spilled
• Drenched a lot of my papers
• My whole scrap corner smells like coffee
• I smell like coffee
• The box that was holding the papers is a sticky mess
• Some paper flowers were lost in the tragedy
• My carpet will have some nice coffee stains
• Over $200 of kits now ruined

The Good:
• Some of the papers that were ruined might look kinda cool with the coffee stains on them
• My albums will now smell like coffee, I love the smell of coffee so I can handle that
• I probably wasn't going to sell the kits anyways since they have been sitting here for ages
• This tragedy will now force me to finally use these kits
• The stickers and story box mats were saved
• I now have a cute jar to put all my paper flowers in instead of a plastic bag
• This got me to look at all of the papers and realize that there are some freaking cute ones that I would totally use
• I didn't get a drop of coffee on my computer! (Thank the Lord!)
• I can cover up the coffee stains with the box the papers went in
• I found the lid to the box, and will use it now
• Once all the papers dry I can re-organize them into categories that will work better for me
• My boyfriend said he will take me to Starbucks to make up for the coffee lost hehe

It looks like the good outweighs the bad. Moral of the story, something good always comes out of something bad.

Laura Mae

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