Sunday, April 11, 2010

SCAL Coupon Code

I've got a Sure Cuts A Lot aka SCAL Coupon Code for 10% off!!!

Use the Coupon code
8774959 and you will get 10% off. The only problem is the offer expires tomorrow, 4.12.10.

Sad. I forgot to post about this earlier. Hopefully they have another one in the future. I love SCAL!! I rarely buy Cricut Cartridges anymore. Which is awesome because they are so dang expensive. And I like designing what I want to cut out sometimes. Its fun. But SCAL uses Dingbat fonts which are just symbols. You can download free fonts at they have a whole section on dingbats. SCAL cuts out regular fonts too. I like it because it
1 is Mac friendly (PC friendly too...)
2 you can see where on your mat it will cut so you can use little pieces of scraps if you want and cut those up. Yay!

Here is a helpful video from Kristina Werner on how to use SCAL. She says you have to have a cartirdge in it to load the paper, but thats not true for my machine. She may have an older or newer machine though so try it. But when I use SCAL I just plug the USB cord into my computer and hit cut and everything works fine.

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