Thursday, April 8, 2010

SEI April Kit

Yay!! Its always so exciting getting packages in the mail, especially when you know they are full of scrappiness

I love how every package is wrapped in tissue as if its a gift, well it kinda is =) OoooOO this month looks cute!! PINK!

The list, look at all that goodness.

love dimensional stickers. so nice.

Embellishments galore! Cute freaking brads, metals with pearls, look at all those flowers and ribbon! Sheer pink ribbon too, that is super cute!

Oh but I'm not done yet.
Look at these iron on deals. I tried these once at an expo and loved them, they are freaking awesome! They are super pretty too, velvety.
And paper! With foil on pretty much all of it, double sided too. That is always sooo nice!
But to top it all off, they stuck in a cute little tote bag, so I can stick all my srappiness in it and brag to everyone!! hehe yay!

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