Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Firework Cookies

Laura Mae's Firework Cookies
They aren't quite as pretty as Martha's but they sure were delicious and a total hit at our 4th of July Party this year. Here is the easy How To.


1. Make these when its not blazing hot outside!! 
I made these with my 10 year old neighbor sister and we had quite the hard time with the frosting because it was so hot out it was just melting everywhere and instead of pretty white floods of icing, we got goopy piles of mess.

2. Use cool cookies
This is always a very important step in baking, making sure your cookies are cool before you decorate. But this time it is vital because of the meringue frosting you are using, it won't set up right if the cookies aren't cool. Now ours were cool but it was still so freaking hot outside it didn't matter anyways.

3. Be patient
The icing will harden up and when it does its perfect! Try making the cookies a day before you want to serve them so they have time to harden

Other than that these cookies are super simple and I really want to try them again!

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  1. Awwww sweet!!!! Hope you had fun. P.S. Like your blog design.:)