Thursday, September 1, 2011

One Year Anniversary Trip

Andy and I have officially been together for a year! Our Anniversary was August 14th. We celebrated by going on a trip to Yosemite with a stop in Ojai, CA on the way up.

Our actual anniversary was on a Sunday, the first day of our trip. So we stayed the night in the most beautiful little hotel in Ojai, CA called Chantico Inn & Suites. Our room was beautiful and pretty cheap for what we got, plus there was just one other couple staying at the hotel that night so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

We went to the most wonderful dinner at Suzanne's Cuisine where we were greeted with Happy Anniversary the wonderful service continued all the way till we were walking out the door. The food was absolutely wonderful and made us want to come back the next day for more! But off to Yosemite we went instead. =)

Ojai, CA
Left to Right: Jacuzzi Tub in room // Bed + Den, Suzanne's Cuisine Menu // View from our table at dinner // Crab and Corn cake with lemon cream sauce // Grilled vegetable salad with warm herb goat cheese // Our anniversary dessert from the restaurant // Back at the hotel our celebration dessert and strawberry puree + champgne // The happy couple!

Since Yosemite is always so crowded and campgrounds have rules and regulations about everything, plus the only shower is at the valley floor, we decided to stay in Oakhurst at the High Sierra RV Park & Campground which was only about 20 minutes from the South Yosemite entrance. 

The campground wasn't at all what we expected, it is in the town Oakhurst so its a little weird to have your neighbors be a factory of some sort that had huge loud trucks and outside lights that stayed on 24/7. But it was a campground and there were free showers, Wi-fi (which we didn't use) and the staff was really friendly and understanding. 

There wasn't much shade at all in the tent site row, so one morning when we woke up around 7am sweating like crazy because it was already 90 degrees outside, we decided we wanted to try to move under a tree. The only tree spot was occupied though, so the second those people left, we asked if we could move and enjoyed the rest of the mornings very comfortably.

We went into Yosemite for 2 full days, Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday we stayed in Oakhurst to explore, which wasn't much. By the way, in the whole town of Oakhurst...there isn't a single ice cream store! When its 100+ degrees outside that is a terrible thing.

We loved all of Yosemite and made it through the week without any casualties, just bug bites. We took the 41 all the way to the 101 on the way home to stop at Split Pea Andersens, Andy had never been. It was super delicious and the perfect end to our wonderful trip!

Yosemite National Park, CA
Left to Right: Campsite // Tunnel View // Andy loving his sun hat and "jorts" // Bridalveil Falls // Posing with the sign // El Capitan // Hiking up to Lower Yosemite Falls // Lower Yosemite Falls // The river behind our campsite // Oakhurst Sign // Glacier Point // The only girl in heels and a dress at Glacier Point // Together // Olmstead Point // Sunset at Tuolumne Meadows // Tuolumne Meadows // "Hap-Pea" at Andersens // "Pea-Wee" at Andersens

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