Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Anniversary Treats

Part 2 of my anniversary posts. The gifts!

Andy, being as wonderful as always, reserved us a Gondola ride in Newport Beach as well as making me a Fireman Build a Bear that says "I Love You" for our anniversary. He actually made the gift certificate for the gondola ride which was totally cute and included a framed photo of us on a boat to go along with the theme.

The day after we got back from Yosemite he had the most beautiful bouquet of roses delivered to my house so I could enjoy them for the rest of the week while we were home. Smart man! I love him.

Now for my gifts to him.
I wanted to bake something because thats just what I do, but we were leaving for the trip and I didn't want to bake something crazy that we couldn't take with us or that would be to hard to transport/eat later. So I was up in the air about this one. I decided to bake a cake, a tiny cake - for Two!

Two cupcakes stacked on top of each other and covered in frosting!

I found a recipe that makes just 2 cupcakes. Super dangerous right?! With a little bit of a Laura tweak to it, 2 cute little cupcakes were made and decorated. For the red hearts I just melted red chocolate and piped out heart shapes onto foil to harden.

The recipe is below for you to download, print or share!

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