Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wall Heart

Andy opening his gifts, he was super excited about the canvas piece!
On top of the Mini Cake I made for Andy and I for our One Year Anniversary, I also made him a huge 36x36 canvas photo collage of 45 photos from the year. This was a more difficult task then I planned. Since it was so big I had to cover it with a sheet because it was too difficult to wrap. He had no idea and was thrilled when he opened it.

I also printed over 100 more of these types of photos because I'm going to make the same type of thing on my wall in my room, only way bigger and without the canvas! (hint hint a blog about this to come soon!)

Here is my process:

After I picked my photos, I pulled them all into Photoshop and made a polaroid out of them. Because I knew that I was going to be printing on a 4x6 size, I put all the polaroids onto a black background in PS so I could print them at the 4x6 price instead of a custom price for a custom size.
Once I cut off the extra black background all my photos were polaroid size

I bought a 36x36" canvas and painted it black with acrylic paint. I then laid out my photos into the shape of a heart. To adhere them I used a spray mount adhesive and rubbed them onto the canvas with a microfiber cloth.
The finished piece.

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