Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fiskars Trimmer Product Review

The process of retiring a trimmer...

So first of all I have to say, I love my all Creative Memories tools, my trimmer especially. This was the first trimmer I ever owned and I bought it when I was 14 with my own money so proud and special! But anyways that aside, I love it so this was a really hard decision for me to finally retire it. It has gone through its wear and tear and had its love and now I have moved on to Fiskars and I can tell you I do not regret my decision at all. 

I was very nervous to not get another CM trimmer but they have discontinued this one that I love so much and I wasn't about to try the new one they came out with. So I dug into research, went to all the local craft stores and finally decided on this Fiskars trimmer.

The two are very similar. Both have the pull out measuring bar and the lift bar is similar but there are things I love about the Fiskars that CM didn't have. I love the measuring surface for one. It is flat and smooth and has tons of marks on it to help guide you. Also the blade and blade holder is a lot better and doesn't stick or pop out often like CM's.

Lastly it came with a Scoring Blade, that I absolutely love! It is so much easier to make accordion folded things like the 4th of July wreath that I made.

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