Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Apron!

My favorite teacher at LCAD, Dana Herkelrath, shared my passion for baking with some of her friends and the next thing you know I have a shopping bag full of goodies!! In the bag were these funky tall cupcake tins with liners to go in them, a cake lifter (sooo needed this!!), and this lovely apron!

I'm so in love. I have seen this apron at Heavenly Hostess or Paper Source many times, not just this one but the same style and love them so much but they are a little too pricy for me. Especially since I actually use my aprons and they get baking loveliness all over them the second they are used. Now I have one of my own and it is so perfect for me! Yay!
Thank you so much Dana for thinking of me and to your friends who helped supply these goodies for me!

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  1. really cute apron,i wear one too when i cook and scrap