Friday, November 11, 2011

My New Western Digital 3TB Harddrive for $109!!!

You gotta love Costco! Especially when they have something you want and then it goes on sale and you have a coupon for it! That was our case for our new 3TB harddrives!

That's right I said it. Not one or two TB but 3 lovely terabytes! Do you know how much stuff I can put on there? It is freaking amazing. And on top of it it was only $109, originally $129 but with a $20 off coupon. So cheap!

Seriously such a good deal we bought 2! Haha do now we have 6TB of Harddrive space to play with. Awesome.

The harddrives are Western Digital whom I also love. I currently have a 1TB portable My Passport right now and have been using that for pretty much my whole career at LCAD. No issues up until recently with it when the cord started coming loose and ejecting the Harddrive on its own. Easy fix though and I have to say Western Digital was awesome! They sent me a new cord for free ASAP with no questions asked.

I am one happy camper and can rest better knowing all of my life will be backed up when I wake up tomorrow.

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