Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street (#occupywallstreet)

Get Naked and Start a Revolution #occupywallstreet

Last week in my Senior Port class we had a design charette with our new Typography teacher and our two teachers team taught us a project that we started and had finished and printed by the end of class.

We had time to:

Occupy Wall Street
Find our opinion on the topic

First Draft:
Type only poster
1 color
1 typeface
No extra elements are allowed to be added

Phase 1


Revise of Phase 1:
Second color added
Second typeface added

Second Critique:

Finalize artwork and send to print
Printed 18x24
Mounted on posterboard
Hung on wall in gallery at school

My quote was:
"Lets Get Naked and Start a Revolution" which came from a good friend Matt, something he used to say many years ago.

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