Friday, January 27, 2012

365 Photos - Infodesign Project

I posted this post A Photo A Day in September of 2010, 9 months into my 365 Challenge where I was going to take a photo a day for an entire year. I am happy to say I succeeded & more!! Not only did I take a photo every day for the year 2010, I also made it my infodesign project for Catharine's Communication of Design class at LCAD.

This project really made me fall in love with the struggle of infographs & infodesign, which is also called Information Design. The project seemed right up my alley, organizing data & then making it look pretty?! Oh I'm so on that! I took all 365 photos & collected mounds of data from each photo.

Here are some images of it when it was up in the gallery at my school:

The lid is resting on the desk and the box is pinned flat on the wall with the photos hanging next to it.

Flat view of the box.

This was the time graph, lots and lots of data here.

This was at LCAD's "Best of Best" Juried Exhibition

After taking a years worth of photos, I decided to take on an enormous project in my Communication of Design 1 class at LCAD. The project was Infographs, something I have grown to love! I took every single photo and collected data from each, such as date, time, city, state, people in it, categories etc. After that huge portion of the project was done I made 4 main graphs, Time, Places, Categories and People.

Categories: I categorized each photo, ex: Baking, Celebrations, Vacation, Craftiness, Ruckus etc.

People: This one shows all the different people and relations of how I know them through other people.

 Time: All the different times a photo was taken for each day

Places: All the different locations a photo was shot
I created the infographs then put them all together in a huge exploding box, with a centerpiece mosaic of all 365 photos in the center. Then I took 12 of the most important/memorable photos, one for each month, printed them out and put their stories on the backs.

Huge project and it all came down to this:

I got an A =)

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