Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Cake Pops

EVERYONE loves my cake pops. So when I decided to make them for the 4th of July I had a lot of excited people wanting to come over to our party. The only problem, the morning of the 4th when I was getting ready to dip the pops, I discovered that we no longer have red or blue chocolate melts. Just white and green. Well hopefully half of my guests are colorblind or they don't care that these pops don't match the 4th of July theme because white and green it is! Honestly I know that no one cares what color they are as long as they are made.
I displayed them on the cone that I use every time and before I got a chance to take a photo there were already a few missing! Thats how fast these things go. This time I decided to roll the pops in sugar crystals after I dipped them in chocolate for an added detail. It made them look very Christmasy and I may have to keep that in mind for Christmas time.

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