Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday Puffs

Ok I would take it upon me to make something I've never made in my life before the day I need to deliver them. I always do this it seems and I get to that last 10 minutes and freak out because something has gone wrong and I don't have time to fix it. Well naturally this happened to me today.

I went out with Kyle's parents tonight for his mom's birthday. I know she loves cream puffs so I wanted to try to make them for her. The dough turned out perfect, the Pate a Choux. But once it came to make the cream filling I was at a loss. I had about 10 recipe books out on the table looking through all of them trying to figure out what goes inside a cream puff. The downside to this is I have never actually had a cream puff. So of course I don't know what the filling on the inside is like. Is it sweet and creamy? Light and fluffy? Bland? What the heck is in there?! After reading over way too many recipes I settled with one that would have turned out really good, if it wasn't 100 degrees outside. That made for a very runny filling and I didn't have any time to let them freeze completely. So I just threw a raspberry in the middle of all of them to help keep them cool from the time it took for me to leave my house and make it to theirs and let them put them in their freezer, which isnt a long drive at all.

She loved them and I ended up tasting them later and was impressed that they weren't terrible. I surprise myself sometimes with my baking skills.

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