Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shop Hop 2012

The three of us made the trek today down to San Diego and back. We had a little delay because Nat forgot her passport at her house so we went back to Orange then all the way down to Temecula first. Christine was decorating Natalie's bag with bling on the drive down, so I had to sit in the back and sort out bling sizes for her. What a task to do while driving. I'm sure Nat will be finding bling in her car for the rest of forever.

Scrap Attack was super cute with their sundaes and ice cream stand outside. We got all decorated and posed for a photo in front of it.

Then there was Paper Tales. OMG. Thats all I have to say about this store. It is so freaking cute and I wanted to buy everything in there including the adorable candy stand they had us pose behind. I loved it all! We did spend a lot of time and money in this store!

Oh also earlier on in the week we hit the local stores closer to us and the cutest display that day had to be camping one at A Perfect Day Scrapbooking

So of course, since it was us girls going out and shopping, Christine had to leave the boys at home. Well naturally they have to get into some kind of trouble while home alone. A little back story. Christine and I got these free license plate frames from This N' That that said "I'd rather be scrapbooking" on them. Well we had to do something with them so we put them on her husbands car! As a payback he decided to take it off and make his own frame, specific to me, then put it on my car while we were gone. He even got his son to help! So terrible. Well at least the statement is true, I do love beer and I do love my Seaman/Sailor Kyle Parker! At least he didn't use some horrific typefaces like comic sans or papyrus which he said he thought of later. 

That would have put icing on the cake. This wasnt just payback for us putting the frame on his car, we also made a stop at Stone while we were Shop Hopping...without him. Naturally that upset him that we went and had great beer and great food without him, and his wife experienced it the first time with me and not him. To make matters worse the girls spent a good time taking photos of our beer and food and sending them to their hubbys back home. Making the evil worse!

Stone Beer Mac and Cheese, Beer cheese soup and pretzels. So heaven.

Totally worth it.

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  1. Uhm, yeah....... you just HAD to put in the part about me leaving my passport at home didn't you!!!!!!1 Thanks!!!!!!!!! he he he he