Saturday, August 4, 2012

Recipe Book

During the shop hop the girls and I made it to Paper Arts Warehouse which sells Pinecone Press kits and supplies. I came across the cookie recipe book and had to buy it! I decided that I wanted to make it before I left for New York so I could fill it up with a few favorite recipes here and fill the rest up with things I make out there.

The original kit came with all the pieces to make the book as well as sleeves inside and decorate them too. I decided that the paper it came with wasn't really my style and had just bought this kit during the shop hop as well and it is much more me so I switched it up. I still used the kit instructions and made the envelopes and put them in the book supplied with the kit. But the decorative pieces are different now.

I made this today at Shawn's house. Whenever we get together, we never accomplish anything. So yes, this 20 minute kit took me the who day. But thats the fun of these things, I can take my time and still finish with a cute little piece!

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