Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Boo Sign

This sign is super easy to make! All you need are 3D cardboard letters and a strand or two of mini lights!

  1. I started with some cardboard 3D letters found at any craft store.
  2. Using an x-acto knife I sliced the face of each letter off to reveal the hallow inside.
  3. Make sure you poke the holes for the lights before you paint!! I measured out where I wanted the holes to go with a pencil first so I could see what it would look like before I started poking holes. I used a strand of 50 orange mini lights, so I only had 50 holes to work with. 
  4. After you poke your holes, push the lights through to make sure they fit and turn them on. Its easier to adjust hole spacing with the lights on so you can see where there may be empty spaces.
  5. Take the lights out of the letters and get ready to paint!
  6. You can use any paint method you like, but I found spray paint to be the easiest.
  7. Once the paint was dry I put the lights back in and turned them on!

Since I was using these outside for my Halloween display, I decided to put the letters on a strip of cardboard so I could make them sit how I liked.

This is the start to our Halloween display. More to come!

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