Monday, October 7, 2013

Bowles Farms - Pumpkin Patch + Corn Maze

At Bowles Farms, this was the start to the corn maze.
My parents were in town for the week and we headed over to explore the corn maze at Bowles Farms. This year they shaped the maze to recognize the 70 years the Navy base has been around. Mind you I am no fan of getting lost in a maze and when they handed us this tiny little paper map to help us get through it I freaked out a bit. But my family is courageous and off we went, making wrong turns all along the way in the hot hot sun but we had a lot of fun as we always do and made it through! 

After the maze we went over and hand picked our own pumpkins, we came home with 6 pretty and colorful ones!

My love!

My dad, so handsome!
Of course we had to get in this display. So cheesy we loved it!
After finishing the corn maze with my mom.
Dad cutting pumpkins of the vines for us with his pocket knife.
My man Kyle had the wheelbarrow job!
So happy they came out to visit!

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