Monday, January 25, 2010

CHA 2010

What a long and amazing day today!! Christy, Gwen, Natalie, Christine and I went to CHA's (Craft and Hobby Association) Super show. If you don't know what it is, it is basically like the Scrapbook Expo but with other types of crafts like sewing, jewelry etc. instead of just scrapbooking. We also went and participated in Scrapbook Royalty's World's Largest Crop Attempt Charity Event. Scrapbook Royalty is a group that hosts events like this and all the money goes to a certain Charity. The Charity we were donating to was the Kids In Need Foundation.

CHA was at the Anaheim Convention center this year. Parking and lugging our stuff around was ridiculous. We had to park in the parking structure behind the building then cart all our stuff around the building. First we had to go all the way through the building, which was a good 20 minutes. Then we had to go to the very end of it to the left to get our tickets which was another good 20-25 minutes. Then we had to back track and go to the far right end of the building to go up 3 floors to the cropping room. An hour later we finally made it to the cropping room. We were so sore and tired by the time we got to the cropping room we just wanted to sit and relax.

The cropping event was awesome, there was tons of room to spread out and tons of give aways. Gwen won a Cricut!!

So awesome. So did the lady at the table next to us. Our table was the lucky table, we all won a lot of stuff. We scrapped for a while then decided to go down to the floor to shop. I didn't buy anything which I am really proud of, mainly because we went to the expo last weekend and so there wasn't really anything else I wanted to get. I did do a lot of free make-n-takes which is always fun. That is the difference between CHA and a Scrapbook Expo. There are more demonstrations and free make-n-takes where at the expos you usually have to pay for a make-n-take.

Provo Craft's booth was crazy huge. We got to see the new Cricut Cake in action! Oh wow what a crazy machine. It cuts out gum paste so you can decorated cakes and cupcakes etc. We got to decorated a cupcake for free which was fun. After shopping we went back upstairs to crop till 11. Me, the worlds slowest scrapbooker, actually finished my book! I have been working on Cory's dirtbiking book for a few months now, and now it is finished! Well sort of. I didn't journal in it at all because I wanted to wait to do that with him so he can tell me what to write because half the pictures I have no clue what was going on because I wasn't there. Now I just need to finish my 2008 Digital Book and my 2009 Traditional Book! Oh and a update on my 365 project, I have held strong. I have taken a photo every single day, today is the 25th and I have 25 photos. I am on a roll! I am so excited I can't wait to see if I can make it the full year! Keep me accountable readers!

Laura Mae

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