Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chocolate Espresso Kahlua Tart

Sounds delicious huh? Good ol' Martha is amazing, I got this tart recipe from her holiday sweets magazine.

There are so many fun recipes in here. I also made the Grasshopper Pie from this magazine too.

Once I finish the recipe pages with my versions of the recipes, I will post them up here. In the mean time you can check out these similar recipes.

We are also having another Scrappy Sesh this weekend. Christy, Gwen and I are going to The Scrappin' Table to crop for $5 a person from 6pm-Midnight! I'm so excited. We are also going to go over to the Expo on Saturday just to shop. We decided we are expoed out since we went to practically all of them last year. Crazy scrappers we are, I know.
Then next weekend, on Saturday the 23rd, the three of us plus some other gals Christy knows are going to CHA for the Worlds Largest Crop! It is at the Anaheim Convention center and we have reserved a table for 8 if anyone else wants to tag along we would love to have you!

Laura Mae


  1. Oh my gosh I have that magazine! I need to take a second look at it! haha

  2. I think the recipe was on page 89 I could be wrong. But I changed a few things to it so mine looks a lot different than the picture. It called for nuts in the crust and I didn't want to add those just incase some one was allergic because I gave the tart to Cory's work for their potluck. When I finish the recipe page I'll send it to you for sure!